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29 juillet 2012 7 29 /07 /juillet /2012 14:03

Près de 20 000 militaires et flics armés sur Londres, presque autant qu'en Afghanistan ! Regardez ci-dessous le reportage d'une dizaine de minutes de "Democracy now !". C'est en anglais mais l'essentiel de ce qui est dit est écrit en dessous pour plus de facilité.

A signaler, en bas, un lien vers le site de Democracy now ! qui recense 15 ans d'activisme opposé aux JO.


Zinedine Z.



Good morning,

I am writing because I thought you would be interested in a 10-minute Democracy Now! report on the militarization of the 2012 Olympic Games, and the censorship imposed on businesses and activists.

Nearly 20,000 British armed personnel are providing security for the Olympics -- almost double the number of the country's troops serving in Afghanistan. The Olympic Games are estimated to cost British taxpayers a staggering $17 billion.


Democracy Now! speaks with professor and former U.S. Olympic athlete, Jules Boykoff, in London about the various political protests being staged against the Olympics and the sweeping censorship laws enacted at the behest of the International Olympic Committee.

"If you want to understand the crass commercialism of the Games, if you want to understand the intense militarization of the Games, it makes sense to start with the IOC," Boykoff says. "And the IOC has always been a privileged sliver of the global 1 percent."

Activists are outraged that the Olympics' long list of sponsors, including companies such as Dow Chemical and BP. They say the corporations' human rights records are at odds with the Olympic ideals of global peace and goodwill.

Other IOC laws limit the use of Olympic language and imagery strictly to official sponsors, such as Visa, McDonald's, and GE.

Please feel free to share our report today by posting on your website or social media network. I have provided the links and video embed code below. The complete transcript will be posted soon on our website.

Democracy Now! has reported on dissent at summer and winter Olympic games for 15 years. See these reports in our news archive: http://www.democracynow.org/topics/olympics

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Please let me know if you have any questions.

My best,
Jared Rader
Social Media and Online Outreach Intern
Democracy Now!


Lockdown in London: Professor, Ex-U.S. Athlete Jules Boykoff on Olympic Censorship & Militarization



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